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Breastfeeding Journeys


The 100 women’s journeys are all unique, just as the babies and situations are. 


Sometimes we forget that these beautiful ‘little time wasters’ and the cycle of mother hood, feeding, changing, burping, washing, feeding, changing, trying to get them to sleep, and then trying again… goes on and on, so it is important to have support and reach out when needed and follow your instincts. 


Remember to try and make time to drink your tea while its hot (it never happens, but it is worth a try) and simply remind your support person to get you a glass of water when your feeding.

Enjoy the little moments.




Who was your village?

My family and my partner’s family would help out with everything, as I had to have caesareans.   I needed a lot of help, with everything. 

One word to discribe how breastfeeding made you feel:



"Breastfeeding is something I thought would just come naturally.  A continuation of the amazing journey of pregnancy and childbirth.  Nothing prepared me for just how challenging breastfeeding can really be.

One word to discribe how breastfeeding made you feel:



At about 8 weeks, Hugo was diagnosed with a cow’s milk protein allergy.  He had been a pretty unsettled baby, with long crying bouts and bad eczema.  It was a relief to have a solution, but it meant cutting all dairy, any animal milk products, and soy out of my diet.  I felt it was cruel to go cold turkey on chocolate, but, it was worth it.  It means a fairly restricted diet for me, and I have to bake my own bread, and make a lot of meals from scratch.  I found it really hard to keep up my calorie intake to keep feeding two babies. 

One word to discribe how breastfeeding made you feel:



My number one tip for a new mum is to try and remember that it won’t always be this hard, and you won’t always be this tired.  Hang in there and enjoy your baby while they’re tiny.  Their first, helpless year seems to last forever, but for most of us, when it’s over – it feels like it flew by and you miss your tiny baby!

One word to discribe how breastfeeding made you feel:


ONLY $4.99 AU



100 womens personal journey


Sue Cox, Author

Olivia’s timely book brings to life the life of women through their quotes of who their village was as they journeyed into motherhood. 


Bronwyn, Teacher 

Where is My Village is a must read for all Parents to be. Real stories from real women. A perfect reminder that each journey is different and it’s ok to do it your way.

NG portrait-photography-olivia-brown-hob

Naomi, Designer

Where is My Village is the perfect resource to remind every mum that she’s not alone. I wish it had been around when my son was first born. 


Hi!!! I’m Olivia,

I am a full-time photographer with a Batchelor of Fine Art’s majoring in Visual Communication. I’m also mum to two boys, Hunter and Remington. When I’m not being a mum I spend my days creating family heirlooms that can be cherished for generations. 

I live by the beach in Hobart, Tasmania, which is the perfect match for my busy lifestyle. I love to go swimming, and I enjoy gardening and living the simple life.  Spending time outside with Hunter and Remi is one of my favourite things to do. I can watch them all day exploring nature.  

And funnily enough it’s my children that brought Where is my Village? to life. When my youngest son Remi was 6 weeks old I had an auto-immune response that caused me to go 100 percent blind in one eye. I was feeling isolated and alone with a baby that just didn’t sleep and was feeding around the clock.

It was after this experience that I knew I needed to do something to bring mums together so we all know we’re not alone in our parenting journeys - that we’re not failing even in our unique struggles, and we’re definitely not alone.

I hope Where is My Village? can offer solace, hope and inspiration to every mum on her best and her worst days.  If you would like to read more about my story it is the first one in the book.

Olivia xx



WOW!  Welcome to motherhood, or maybe you are buying this for a family member or a friend who is expecting!  This book is an insight into the first months of motherhood, a time which no one can prepare you for.  No one can tell you how you will feel and this book is about 100 women's perspectives, all as unique as the babies are.  It is about reminding us that we are not alone, we are all connected and doing the best we can.  The book can be read from front to back, or can be read sporadically.  

I wish you all the best in your journey, and remember, hold them a little longer.


Much Love


Olivia xx 


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