5 Sep 2018

How lucky am I.  I get to meet the most amazing, talented and gorgeous people, and I even got to eat the omelette! WINNING!  


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The best way to maintain health include the six tastes into your daily diet ~ Jay D Mulder 

1. Sweet ~ builds tissues, calms nerves . Primary source-fruit, grains, natural sugars & milk.
2. Sour ~ cleanses tissues, increases absorption of minerals . Primary source - sour fruits, yoghurt & fermented foods.
3. Salty~ improves taste to food, lubricates tissues, stimulates digestion. Primary source- natural salts, sea vegetables. 
4. Bitter~ detoxifies and lightens tissues. Primary source - dark leafy vegetables, herbs & spice. 
5. Pungent ~ stimulates digestion & metabolism. Primary source - chilli, garlic , herbs & spice.
6. Astringent ~ absorbs water, tightens tissues , dries fats. Primary source- legumes, raw fruit, vegetables & herbs. 
Rather than looking at nutritional labels for x amount of protein or y amount of carbohydrates, the 6 tastes will naturally guide you towards your body’s nutritional needs. Each taste feeds our mind , body & senses in its own unique way. What ‘taste’ do you eat more of 🤔? Our Western diets are highest in sweet, sour & salty 🙈we are sadly lacking bitter , pungent & astringent. How to take action ? Add herbs , spice, legumes and plenty of fibrous green ( cooked ) vegetables to your diet , making sure they are of the highest quality 🌿

Need to know more ? Retreats & workshops will be released very soon with myself and @yogabytinastephens & consults with Tasmanian based Ayurvedic Dr Gangasharee Nair will also be available mid September. 
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