Kurt + Emily // Wedding // Sandridge Estate

WOW! How lucky am I! I got to go to a part of Tasmania that I didn't think I'd ever get to go to, beautiful Boat Harbour. That's one of the things I love so much about photographing weddings, meeting beautiful people and going to stunning locations. I got to go 'glamping' which was an interesting experience. Interesting in the sense that I was all alone and felt quite isolated off the grid in a place I had never been, sleeping in what is essentially a tent! I really wish I did take my family for a little vacation as I had originally planned, but.. I decided it would be less stressful to go alone. :-) hahaha yeah... well I was paranoid with every sound outside.. what if the zip started to open.. when if the one light I had went out because there is no electricity, what ia car comes down the drive even though the gate is locks.. so the thought of a Stephen King Novel was implanted in my mind, thank goodness for red wine ;-)

But.. the next day I was super luck to meet the couple who were about to get married. Man, Emily + Kurt are just adorable. I loved everything about this wedding. Sand ridge Estate is beautiful too! Take some time to scroll through the highlights of the day. Emily looks like she should be on the cover of White Magazine. Simply beautiful.

Olivia x